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Energy Financial Settlements

Decentralization of the world's electrical power generation continues with the introduction of demand response, distributed generation, and microgrid technologies. This Patent Forecast evaluates the fundamental payment and settlement state of the art of clearing and processing energy payment transactions.


AI Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks impose considerable costs on the economy. Virtually every industry in this information economy, such as aerospace and defense, healthcare, retail, telecom, entertainment, manufacturing, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), is concerned with their Cybersecurity. According to a recent Gartner forecast, worldwide spending on information security products and services is expected to grow to $93 billion in 2018. The global Cybersecurity market is projected to reach a size of $165.2 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 10.7%.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Proliferation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in commercial, industrial, and defense applications continues year over year.



Cannabis is now legally being used to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, including chronic pain, alcoholism, drug addiction, anxiety, nausea (from chemotherapy) and epilepsy. Such a potent agent, which had been locked up for a century, is understandably attracting a lot of attention. Additionally, the fact that it is a botanical means that there is room for development in plant cultivation and processing, besides the traditional pharma areas of drug synthesis, formulation, processing and delivery. So there's a lot of room and a good material to work with.



Since the 2009 Bitcoin whitepaper, crypto currencies have risen in value, enabled decentralized global trade, but also endured market value fluctuation, theft, and use as tender for illegal transactions. Blockchain-based technology grows in interest to large and small corporations and investors, many of which are staking their claims within this emerging intellectual property sector by filing patent applications with the USPTO. The Cryptocurrency 2018 Report includes expert analyst opinion and insights, the full underlying dataset or all granted and published patents, plus access to the patent radar visualization.


Biodegradable Packaging

The global need for sustainable packaging grows as awareness and regulation for greener initiatives are adopted by regulators and corporations.


Consumer Sleep Technology

Sleep plays an important role in personal health and wellness. Retail service and technology providers are integrating new data and sensory technologies to attract new customers and provide attractive products for health conscious consumers.


Solar Thin Film Photovoltaics

This sector is directed towards thin film photovoltaics, but does not include perovskite, organic, or nuclear photovoltaics or photoelectrochemical technologies.


AI Biotech / Diagnostics

Machine learning is saving lives. For almost any bodily system, research institutions and biotechnology companies alike are harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect, analyze, and predict health conditions. Though AI is not a new concept, advancements in computational power and algorithmic potential in the past decade have allowed for the application of machine learning, neural networks, and similar advanced systems in manners that were previously unavailable and on scales that were previously impossible.


Automobile Vision: LIDAR

Investment in commercialization of autonomous and semi-autonomous automobiles using machine vision technology has been on the increase for recent years. Market growth and consumer and business appetite for using machine vision in these vehicles has spurred the investment directly and through M&A activity.


Energy Storage: Bidirectional Direct Current Converters

Renewable Energies can be intermittent depending on conditions. For example, when the sun shines you need to make power, but you don’t always need that power when it’s made, so you must have a way to store it as energy.

Direct Current Bidirectional converters are a key technology for energy storage because they can have multiple streams of DC power at varying voltages. Typically, these need to be integrated into a single current with a nominal voltage.

This Patent Forecast is divided into two groups: converters which convert directly (DC/DC) and converters which convert DC into an alternating current and then back into DC (DC/AC/DC).


Energy Storage: Multi-battery Charge Equalization Circuits

A battery charge equalizer provides individual cell charging in multi-cell battery strings in order to maintain all the cells at the same charge. Keeping all the cells in a multi-cell string at the same charge state maximizes the battery's life and performance. Equalization techniques require electrical circuitry to achieve cell monitoring and balancing.


Speech-to-Text Closed Captioning Analytics

Speech-to-text closed captioning analytics is making people’s lives better. It has numerous benefits such as allowing greater accessibility and better comprehension for viewers. By using analytics, speech-to-text closed captioning would be more accessible to the masses who could then reap the benefits of this service.


Energy Storage: Flow Batteries

A flow battery, or redox flow battery, is a type of electrochemical cell where chemical energy is provided by two chemical components dissolved in liquids contained within the system and separated by a membrane. A flow battery may be used like a rechargeable battery, where an electric power source drives regeneration of the fuel. Advantages over conventional rechargeables includes separable liquid tanks and near unlimited longevity. Current disadvantages are comparatively less power and a need for more sophisticated electronics. Flow batteries are normally considered for relatively large (1 kWh – 10 MWh) stationary applications, including: load balancing, storing energy from renewable sources, peak shaving, UPS, power conversion, electric vehicles and stand-alone power system.


Quantum Entanglement

While quantum entanglement may sound like something far off into the future, it's already being applied. Some example include medical imaging, computer gaming, and detecting chemical and biological weapon components. Click through to see what else is being developed with this phenomenon.


Microgrids: Microinverters

A device used in photovoltaics, that converts direct current (DC) generated by a single solar module to alternating current (AC).


Microgrids: Islanding

Islanding is the condition in which a distributed generator continues to power a location even though electrical grid power is no longer present. Islanding can be dangerous to utility workers, who may not realize that a circuit is still powered, and it may prevent automatic re-connection of devices.


Automobile Vision: Image Recognition

Image recognition refers to the ability of a computer to decipher and understand the information fed to it from an image. In order to teach computers to process visual data, you have to teach them to recognize patterns. Some patterns of pixels define the edges of an object, others show dimensions, and sometimes patches of color might actually belong to the same object. Autonomous cars are equipped with cameras that analyze their surroundings and make sure they don’t bump into other cars, or pedestrians, or curbs, or any of the thousands of other things that can get in their way. The overall image recognition market was already at $15.95 Billion in 2016 and is estimated to grow to USD 38.92 Billion by 2021.



Thorium is the base fuel for a nuclear fuel cycle that uses an isotope of thorium, 232 Th, as the fertile material. In a thorium-fueled reactor, 232 Th absorbs neutrons to produce 233 U, which fissions and releases energy. This thorium fuel cycle has several potential advantages over a uranium fuel cycle, including thorium's greater abundance, superior physical and nuclear properties, reduced plutonium and actinide production, and better resistance to nuclear weapons proliferation when used in certain reactors.



Tesla, Inc has evolved from being known for their electric automobiles to now being known as a sustainable energy company. Offering many services such as solar panels/roofs, residential energy storage, and commercial/utility clean energy storage, Tesla Inc. has hundreds of issued patents, which are now considered open source because CEO Elon Musk believes in the benefit of allowing others to grow this technology platform when used in good faith.


Edge Computing

With the rise of the IoT and incoming use of 5G, the Edge Computing sector is poised to grow dramatically. Many companies have already begun investing in the Edge Computing future, as demonstrated by their patent portfolios. Click here to view category descriptions and context.


Online Multimedia Collaboration and Commerce

With the rise of the internet, online collaboration has been more accessible than ever. Online multimedia collaboration and commerce connects artists through a curated network, enabling ease of production, financing, and fulfillment services based on the project’s needs.


Autonomous Tire Sensors

Automated Tire Sensors aim to reduce traffic accidents and tire wear and increase fuel economy through monitoring and early recognition of a hazardous state of the tires. With many global mandates requiring tire monitoring technologies in new cars, the tire sensor market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15% over the next 5 years in China, and be a US$23.6 billion opportunity by 2026. Automated tire sensors could also become a major player within the autonomous vehicle market, with benefits such as decreased downtime and maintenance and improved safety.