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February 6, 2020

Video Games and Eye Health

AI Biotech / Diagnostics Patent Forecast®

"Your brain is going to be mush," many children hear from their parents as they spend the whole day staring at one screen or another. But what if we could use screens to better assess our eye health?

Vizzario, an LA-based AI startup, is betting we can. Founded in 2014 by Dr. Khizer Khaderi, who was previously director of U.C.-Davis’ neuro-ophthalmology service and sports vision lab, the company wants to address eye care for disease or injury related issues, and is using analysis of time in front of screens to do it. In 2016, they received $2 million in funding from insurance giant VSP Global, and recently received their first granted patent. 

Vizzario has developed an AI-based platform which measures human interaction with computer stimuli to monitor and predict visual function. Right now, they are taking advantage of the time spent in front of screens by esports competitors to gather data - which they can do without altering gameplay.

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent 10209773  

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AI Biotech / Diagnostics   Patent Forecast®

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Machine learning is saving lives. For almost any bodily system, research institutions and biotechnology companies alike are harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect, analyze, and predict health conditions. Though AI is not a new concept, advancements in computational power and algorithmic potential in the past decade have allowed for the application of machine learning, neural networks, and similar advanced systems in manners that were previously unavailable and on scales that were previously impossible.