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Automobile Vision: LIDAR

Continental AG

Founded in 1871, Continental AG is a German automotive manufacturing company specializing in the automotive and transportation industries. Continental offers an innovative Hi-Res 3D Flash LIDAR as a future-orientated solution that is an addition to the current group of surrounding sensors needed to achieve highly and fully automated driving. One significant advantage of this sensor technology is that it will help enable a significantly more detailed and accurate field of vision around the entire vehicle, independent of daytime, night time or adverse weather conditions. A previous generation of 3D Flash LIDAR technology was used to execute automated rendezvous and berthing procedures to the International Space Station. Continental has been testing 3D Flash LIDAR in close cooperation with automobile companies, steadily building a consensus that these emerging technologies will change and shape automated driving in the near future. The goal is to make driverless vehicles be able to see better than a human being, ensuring a level of safe driving superior to that of any human.

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