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Brain Machine Interface

As neurotechnology proliferates, applications spanning numerous and diverse applications are appearing, from neuropathy treatments to hands-free device control to content suggestion. Not only is this industry incredibly manifold and disruptive, it is incredibly lucrative as well, projected to reach $2.67 Billion By 2026.

Top 10 Corporate Owners

Issued Patent Count   
Published Application Count

Corporation Patents and Published Applications Count
1. Samsung
2. Inventor
3. IBM
4. Sony
5. Panasonic
6. Interaxon Inc.
7. Microsoft
8. RPX Corporation
9. University Of Washington
10. Affectomatics Ltd.

Spotlight Companies in Brain Machine Interface

Interaxon has been revolutionizing wearable brain sensing technology - most notably through their brain sensing headband, Muse, which is intended to help the wearer have a more focused and peaceful meditation experience with usable biometric data to track one’s progress. Based out of Toronto, this up-and-coming neuroware startup is currently partnered with Smith Optics, a high-performance eyewear brand. 

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Storyup’s Healium, a wearable calming interface, helps users enhance their mindfulness and get quantifiable biometric feedback. It utilizes VR to guide the wearer through a peaceful meditation. Started by Dr. Jeff Tarant of the Neuromeditation Institute, Healium was intended to alleviate WWII veterans affected by PTSD. 

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BehaVR harnesses the power of VR to take over the user’s sensory perception and instigate a negative neurosignaling feedback loop to allow self-soothing. Focused on alleviating the body’s stress response, it is used for both mental and physical ailments. This is a relatively new therapeutic application, just breaking into the market; evidenced by Behavr’s launch just 3 years ago.

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Invention Categorization and Classification

Categorization and Classification Patents and Published Applications
  • Human Necessities
    415 Diagnosis; ID , 29 Sports; Games; Amusements , 27 Prostheses , 21 Electrotherapy, etc. , 8 Physical Therapy , 2 Wheelchairs , 1 Apparel
  • Operations
    104 Communication Techniques , 17 Hand Tools; Portable Power-Driven Tools; Manipulators , 2 Writing or Drawing Implements; Bureau Accessories
  • Transportation
    15 Vehicles in General
  • Computing, Calculating, Counting
    376 Digital computing , 49 Image Processing , 36 Education; Cryptography; Display; Advertising; Seals , 24 Computer Computational Models , 18 Data Recognition , 11 Measuring; Testing , 9 Controlling; Regulating , 7 Checking-Devices
  • Physics
    31 Optics , 18 Musical instruments; Acoustics , 2 Photography; Cinematography; Electrography; Holography
  • Business Methods
    12 Business Methods
  • Informatics
    8 Healthcare informatics

    Recent Published Activity in Brain Machine Interface as of October 29, 2020