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Edge Computing

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No Patents? Find a Partner Who Has Some. Honda, Meet Verizon.

Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

April 15, 2021

Once again, slow patent activity has forced a company to partner in order to stay competitive. Honda, not wanting to be left behind, has started working with Verizon to research mobile edge computing interacting with 5G and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) infrastructure. Because Honda has zero patent assets in the sector, it has leveraged Verizon’s strong patent position. Verizon currently has twenty-three (23) patent assets in the span of 2019-2021 which is enough for fourth-most in the sector. 

Toyota has been active in edge computing since 2019, and even Kia Motors has developed a small presence in the sector with two patent applications since 2018. Given the state of the competition, it makes sense that Honda wants to stay up-to-date with the future of vehicle technology. It’s a smart move to partner with Verizon, a national carrier.  

Three Year Snapshot (2019-2021) Edge Computing: Verizon and Toyota Highlighted

The Patent Forecast® will continue monitoring whether Honda chooses to develop a patent portfolio complementary to Verizon, or if it chooses to follow Toyota’s lead and begin working on edge computing development in house. Patent Forecast® predicts other car manufacturers will seek similar partnerships or invest in their own patents. AT&T does not own as many patent assets as Verizon. But if the Honda deal is exclusive, AT&T could be next as a partner. Mazda, maybe?

To explore who’s next to join edge computing and see the shifts as new companies integrate edge computing with their products, check out the Edge Computing Patent Forecast®

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