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Sports Betting

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Microgaming Software Systems Re-Brands

Sports Betting Patent Forecast®

July 11, 2019

In June of 2018, Microgaming Software Systems officially changed its name to Apricot Investments. The decision to re-brand was motivated by Apricot Investments desire to "pursu[e] wider interests in the interactive gambling and gaming industry." Since re-branding itself, Apricot Investments's subsidiary, Microgaming Ventures LLC, has filed multiple patents related to micro-betting. Appointed as CEO of Microgaming Ventures in June of 2018, John Coleman is carrying out the re-branding mission as evidenced by the recent partnership with BGO Entertainment. Announced June 25, 2019, the partnership will make Microgaming Ventures's content available on BGO Entertainment's multi-platform online gaming website. 

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10013853  

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