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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Management

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Intel files a slew of patents (23)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Management Patent Forecast®

February 20, 2019

Intel is developing a wide range of UAV technologies, including systems for preventing collisions between drones, locating vehicles on a 3D map, deploying safety equipment from drones, managing swarms of drones, and more.

Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20190049931  

Application US20190047698  

Application US20190049252  

Application US20190049943  

Application US20190052914  

Application US20190051158  

Application US20190049275  

Application US20190050652  

Application US20190051060  

Application US20190049994  

Application US20190052852  

Application US20190052865  

Application US20190046816  

Application US20190051007  

Application US20190051193  

Application US20190049949  

Application US20190049945  

Application US20190049966  

Application US20190050269  

Application US20190051198  

Application US20190051194  

Application US20190051192  

Application US20190051197  

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